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since my birthday is coming and i thought about presents i figured out that everyone loves getting presents right? that’s why i decided to do this little giveaway!!!

my friend bought me 2 copies of rocksound mag and a cd and i already have one so i thought i may as well just give one to you! it’s not much but not everyone has the chance to buy rocksound or the cd so why not


  • must be following me
  • reblog this (as many times as you want)
  • likes don’t count (only for bookmarking)
  • must be comfortable with giving me your address bc i need to send it to you
  • don’t create giveaway blogs bc they won’t count


  • includes: one rocksound magazine (calum) and one 5 seconds of summer self-titled album (deluxe edition)
  • i will pay for the shipping (worldwide)
  • i will pick the winner with number generator
  • i will pick on august 10th

if you have any questions feel free to message me and good luck!!!

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